Misty from Manchester

Misty (a Greyhound-Whippet cross) was adopted from the Dogs Trust Manchester in July 2017 and has really adapted well to her new surroundings. Like many Greyhound-type dogs, Misty has short bursts of crazy energy followed by a calm period of dozing in her bed. Misty really enjoys anything that squeaks and will run up and down the stairs, toy-in-mouth. She has a quirky characteristic, where she will answer questions directed at her with a "Rar Rar Rar, emerging at different pitch tones. It sounds almost like a very controlled "monkey chant". Misty has found that by using these differing tones, she is able to communicate to us what she is wanting; from needing to toilet, it being time for her breakfast/dinner to I want to play. The Dogs Trust kindly gave us an EU passport which Misty possesses, as she is from Ireland, which shows her date of birth. We're looking forward to celebrating her second birthday this April. We're looking forward to taking Misty on Formby Sands when the weather is better and seeing her use up her racing energy. Misty has developed really well and it is wonderful to see how her confidence has grown with her. When we arrived home with Misty, we very quickly realised that either she was unable to use stairs or had no confidences to us them. Living in a three-storey house, this was difficult. Commencing with small outdoor steps, we slowly allowed her to learn and get more confidence. Now, Misty is able to race up and down the entire house within seconds. Misty is a very loving, loyal dog, and it's a joy to be now part of her life.