Jaffa from Newbury (Berkshire)

Rehoming Jaffa was just about a no brainer for us - we just needed to make sure Luqa, our sprocker spaniel, and he would get on. After several visits it was apparent all would be well and we felt so privileged to have been able to bring Jaffa home in early December 2017. He's made our house his home and our bed too!! We have good long walks and have just returned from Gower where Luqa and Jaffa had an amazing time on the long, sandy beaches. We're still working on things like walking well on a lead and not making a huge fuss when he sees a small furry, but over all we could not have wished for a better first couple of months. Jaffa is a gentle giant who loves to snuggle up with us or with Luqa. He's brilliant with anyone who comes to the house and is a wonderful companion. We don't know too much about his past but he must have been well treated because he's such a loving soul. Thank you to all at Newbury Dogs Trust for all their support and advice.