Brin from Darlington

I was looking at all the Dogs up for adoption on the Dogs Trust website when i noticed Brin, an 8 month old Lurcher, up for adoption at the Darlington center. Right away i just really wanted to try and adopt him, but we already have two Hungarian Vizslas, a one year old and a six year old and also a seven year old chocolate Labrador, so my Wife and I spent a lot of time thinking about it. In the meantime while we were still thinking it over and deciding if having four Dogs would be a good idea or not, we arranged to go and see Brin, even though the Darlington center is a long way from where we live in Manchester. After meeting Brin my Wife and I both decided we would do our best to adopt him. We went back to Darlington again the next day with our three Sons and our three Dogs, so they could all meet each other and after a lot of barking from our youngest Vizsla (we knew there would be), the staff at Darlington could see that the Dogs were fine with each other and it was just harmless barking from our crazy one year old Vizsla with him being in a new and strange situation. the following weekend we went to pick Brin up and bring him home. Brin settled in straight away without any problems. All four Dogs got along fine and Brin seemed to be very happy, making himself comfy where ever we were in the house. Brin didn't need any toilet training, we just let him know where the garden is and he let us know when he needed to go. There has not been a single accident in the house. We always let our Dogs run free in the woodlands near where we live, so after a week or so of training on a long lead, we decided we would let Brin off the lead so he could run with the others. Everything went great and Brin always comes back when we call him. I would say the only problem we have found is that sometimes when Brin is off the lead and running around playing with our two Vizslas, things can get a bit crazy and they sometimes end up running around chasing each other way too fast for their surroundings. So when they start getting a bit hyper we always get one of the Vizslas or Brin on the lead, so there are just two of them chasing each other, as our chocolate Lab is happy just wondering around on his own at his own pace. We then change the Dog we have on the lead around so they all get to have a good fast run about. One of our Sons also takes all the Dogs for days out to the beach sometimes with his friend and his Dogs, so Brin gets to have a lot of fun. We are all really glad we found Brin and adopted him. He is a part of our family now and we all love hime very much. Brin is a great Dog who is very calm almost all the time, but he is also great fun off the lead and always has a few minutes of charging around at amazing speed when we take them all out twice a day.