Bella from Darlington

Bella came to us, so skinny and scared, not wanting to eat or interact, and slowly she changed into the most affectionate little angel we could ever hope to own. She constantly shows how grateful she is to us, she loves her sister and now she is a little healthy, plump pup who loves peanut butter and chickpeas (not together). She stole my heart the first time I walked her, so gentle and girly. She didn't trust us at all at first, but now she fills our house with love. She wags her tail in a circle we often joke she'll fly away, she is over the moon when we come back from work and she only wants to be loved and hugged, every opportunity she has she will want to be carried around in your arms so she can fall asleep, in the car, while you're cleaning or watching a film, all she wants is affection. She helped her sister to be less spoilt, taught her it is important to share and socialise. I would not change her for the world.