Blaze from Evesham (Worcestershire)

Dear Dogs Trust, I fell in love with Blaze when I first saw the photo of him on the Dogs Trust website. I came to Wickhamford which is close to where I live and specifically asked to see him. He has the most lovely nature and is exceptionally gentle. When I first met Blaze, he was very anxious about anyone touching his neck, which presented a few challenges with getting harnesses on over his head. He mixed very well with other dogs and took to our other Husky Taylor like a dog to a bone. :) Blaze settled in fairly quickly and made himself at home. He has free reign to sit, sleep, chew whatever he wants and both him and Taylor get up to as much mischief as any two Huskies can do in any one day. He has gained weight nicely. He first arrived excessively under weight and in appearance was not much bigger than Taylor. You can see from the photo he has filled out and is now roughly 1/3 larger than Taylor. Blaze is no longer anxious about his neck or any part of him. He prefers to be on the sofa so will quite happily kick myself or my wife off and stretch himself out. He isn't aware of his size so he is quite happy to jump on your lap without warning. The past three/four months Blaze has become more vocal. He has a deep howl and the first time I heard him it made me smile and it still does. When he first arrived he didn't make a sound at all. I am really pleased he has settled in, he is part of our family and he is comfortable to be himself. The photo i have sent in is of Blaze and Taylor in the snow. Blaze is only a couple of years old, so today might have been his first time in the white stuff. He is currently flat out in the lounge whilst I am typing, after our 6/7 mile trip this morning.