Macy (used to be Suzie) from Glasgow

Hello everyone at Dogs Trust. I thought to send a wee update of how Macy (used to be Suzie) is getting on. We rehomed her in January 2017 after visiting and meeting her at your Glasgow centre. She was very friendly and excitable at the time. We are delighted to say that she has settled in really well now! She took some time to get used to her new home but as you can see she is good friends with our other dog Twiggy and the two of them enjoy their walks together, especially to the beach for a quick swim in the sea. Macy took some time to settle in and was quite distressed when seeing other dogs on walks, however she is getting better and is so friendly when meeting other dogs now. She was excellent on our summer camping trip and coped really well. She has started playing with her toys for the first time in the last couple of months and has became very affectionate and loving. Her lovely nature and funny character is starting to show now and we couldn't imagine our home without her! She particularly enjoys cuddling up on the couch with Twiggy and we look forward to her first Christmas with us. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas at dogs trust and a happy new year of finding loving forever homes for all who need it!