Cassie from Snetterton (Norfolk)

Cassie had a blue doughnut round her neck because of a bladder operation. She was quiet and shy at first. Once she joined mum and I at her forever home, she gradually learnt to relax. We got her passport the day after she came to us so that she could come on the ferry to France with us and stay in our house. She LOVES being in the car and coped brilliantly with the journey. As soon as we arrived she was off exploring the fields and lanes. Cassie is 9 and has the energy and stamina of a much younger dog. She can walk/run/zoom for an hour and then go straight out to play 'fetch' with her favourite ball. She does agility once a week and is a complete natural. The trainer said 'You have a cracking dog there'...................'We know', was our reply. Cassie is our first dog-I'm 66 and mum is 91. She makes us laugh every day when she flings herself on the carpet for a roll about. Then she grabs her little toy and roars up and down-tail thrashing back and forth. If she thinks she isn't coming out with us, she'll sneak round the car and jump in at mum's feet. How can we leave her behind? Cassie loves every human and every dog. She is friendly and so well mannered-EVERYONE loves her back and we have made so many new friends. We rescued Cassie and she rescued us right back.