Bruce from Basildon (Essex)

Hi it’s Bruce here. Well it’s been a few weeks since I went to my new home. I have settled in well. After struggling to get me in the car, I was calm on the journey. I just snuggled up to my new owner who had been coming to visit me. It was a bit daunting when I got to the other end. I walked round the garden, a little bit nervous, then did a toilet. My new owner opened the back door, but it was scary. I needed to be picked up to get me through the door. I went through to the living room and started sliding on the laminate floor. Luckily they had a rug so I sat there putting my chin on my owners lap. I would only move if I had my lead on. After a while I stayed in the kitchen quite a lot near the back door, as when it was opened I wanted to bolt outside. I liked being out there. I was very good on my first night. I just slept by the back door. The first few days my owners took me up onto the allotment behind the house to walk around and do my toilet duties. After a week, I go in and out the back door on my own. I go for nice walks down lanes. I have not met any dogs yet. I love running round the garden with a tennis ball throwing it in the air. I don’t like the big square thing in the corner of the living room or the roaring of the fire. It makes noises, so I go and lay in the kitchen. I am going to be happy here with my owners, they have bought me a bed, but I do prefer to lay on my owners old coat. My owners have taken some photos to send to you to show how happy I am here. From my loving home Bruce.