Albert from Manchester

Having had dogs all my life, when my dog of 16 years passed away I was absolutely devastated. I remember deciding I wanted to rescue a dog as so many don't have homes and having looked on the website I planned a trip to the Manchester centre. I won't lie I was not looking forward to it. I had images of this dark and scary dog prison but when I arrived it couldn't have been more different. The centre is so friendly and open and though I'd gone in having seen a dog on the website, the staff sat me down and went through a questionnaire with me and advised to look at a few dogs. Albert was in the overflow book and if I'm honest from his picture I wasn't keen at first but they said just see him you'll change your mind. So there I stood in this activity pen waiting for them and the next thing this huge dog with the longest legs ever came bounding in and that was that, he was mine. My mum said immediately we were such a good match. I saw him 3 times before taking him home and honestly it's been the best decision. He goes everywhere with me, he's the most loving most adoring dog I've ever had and the Dog's Trust aftercare was amazing. We had a few sessions with a trainer after due to him being a nervous dog and I know if I ever need support they're there. I feel when you rescue them, you both need eachother and it makes the bond between dog and owner so much stronger.