Mitzee (formally Moira) from Merseyside (Liverpool)

When we decided to look for a new pooch, we became disheartened, frequently. Mainly because of the age of the children that frequently visit us largely restricted what dogs we could be suited to. We visited the dogs trust 4 times before we got call saying we should come meet Moira (now Mitzee). So we got up to the center the next day and fell absolutely head over heels. The heartache of being refused other dogs was gone. I knew she was mine. She is a diva, plays wonderfully with any children and adores other dogs too. We have been so fortunate to have found such a perfect match. I suffer with anxiety and Mitzee has helped me overcome so many obsticles myself. Mitzee isnt just a dog. Shes a family member. My baby. And i wouldnt change her for the world. Thanks so much to the staff at the merseyside branch. You all go above and beyond.