Hapkin (Dibby) from Harefield (West London)

When we first brought Hapkin (Dibby) home he was very timid and many sounds made him jump. He wasn't sure if men and didn't like to be handled and would freeze immediately. Walking outside was awful as he reacted at dogs, cats, motorbikes etc ( we very quickly learnt that he was lead reactive). Walking off the lead was scary as he would run to every dog and bark like mad and was very feisty. We worried what he would be like with our other dog and at doggie day care. Now he is so affectionate and he never leaves my side. He got used to our dog walker Simon and he absolutely adores his human Daddo :) Hapkin and our other dog love each other and copy everything from each other. We could have never imagined nicer bond than what they developed. Hapkin loves balls and running through woodlands and is now ok with majority dogs when off the lead. He is still lead reactive but we learnt how to deal with it and is no longer a big problem. He goes to dofgie day care 3 daya a week and is on the go the whole time and loves it! We cant imagine our life without him and appreciate every single day with him. Almost 6 months now since we got him and would not change it for anything.