WInston from Merseyside (Liverpool)

I can't believe it's only been 5 weeks since Winston moved in with me as it feels like he's always ben here. I first saw him back in mid April however I knew I wouldn't be able to start adoption as I was due to go on holiday at the end of May. I was also advised he wasn't too keen on men. Undeterred I took a walk over to his kennel and after an initial bark he retired to the safety of his inner kennel. At this point I sat down with my back to his kennel and started checking in on facebook, having a quiet vape etc. Eventually Winstons curiousity got the better of him and he came out and started sniffing the back of my neck. I think it's fair to say we haven't looked back since then.. I then started to come back to see him regularly including an initial meet & greet with Kelley following which I started coming in 2 or 3 times a week to walk him within the grounds on the understanding that should someone else wish toadopt they would get precedence. The 2 weeks away in Cyprus were agonising for me, checking in daily on his age to check his status. As soon as I was back in the country I was straight back down to see him and was so pleased at hs reaction to seeing me again. I was really impressed by the whole adoption process and it was so nice when he came on his home visit. Straight on the sofa and, head in lap and fall asleep :) He has settled in so well, even on his first night in a new place he settled down in the kitchen on his new bed and there was no whining or barking. Neither has he ever messed in the house (other than the odd little wee when he gets excited). Actually that's his little quirk, much prefers to do his business on grass which is interesting as I have none in my back yard (although I have some artificial grass on order to put over the decking) He's also been really good when left at home alone and other than barking if someone's at the door has been exemplary (have a monitor app plus checked with neighbours). What has also been really good is how well he is socialising with people and dogs. Winston came with a disclaimer about aggresive tendencies based mainly on reports from his previous adopters although I had seen some adverse reactions towards some men whilst walking him around the grounds. Winston and I regularly call in a local dog friendly pub whilst out for our walks and other than the pieman (who as the landlord said nobody likes) he has been completely chilled out both with adults, kids & other dogs . That said he's not too keen on the pub cat :) I've tried to encourage him to ignore poeple by reqarding him if he walks past someone and ignore them. Actually that may be too succesful as the last couple of days he has now started sniffing at my bum bag (where the treats are) when he spots someone walking towards us. He's also been enjoing off lead sessions with other dogs at the Dogs Country Club in Lowton during play/group sessions and a day at Doggy Day Care. It's so nice to see a group of dogs running free and enjoying themselves.