Honey from Leeds

I would like to share our story with you about Honey. She has brought so much joy to our family and given a new lease of life for my Mum and Dad whom she adores. We have had Honey for two years now and one of the first things we did was to enrol her into dog training classes at Calverley. The first few months were quite challenging but David the trainer was very good at explaining to me the thought process behind the exercises and with patience and determination, Honey gradually learned how to work with me and how to behave around other dogs ( socialising). Yesterday, she was awarded her Gold Good Citizenship Award from the Kennel Club having completed Bronze and Silver last year. This award means so much to me and I am so proud of Honey . She loves training and I would strongly recommend that everyone tries to join such clubs as the saying " a trained dog is a happy dog" is so true. I am still eternally grateful for the Dogs Trust for matching us up with Honey and for the care they gave her prior to coming to her " forever home".