Harry from Merseyside (Liverpool)

My Partner and myself had visited the Merseyside centre on a number of occasions, looking for our ideal pet, and on our last visit, we found what we thought would be the perfect dog for us. The staff were fantastic and talked through the back story on the dog we had thought was for us, but things didn't quite stack up (we had a dog nearby to our house, and would have caused undue stress on the particular dog we wanted). Back to square 1 we thought... But the staff had different ideas! "Have you considered a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel" was the question posed. We looked at each other, and as we had thought along the lines of a jack russell or similar, a cavi was probably furthest from our mind! The staff arranged for Harry who had recently arrived at the centre to be brought to meet us - and he announced his arrival by launching himself onto my lap! We took Harry for a walk around the centre grounds, and quickly, he decided he was coming with us! Once the paperwork etc was complete, we picked Harry up a few days later - and have not looked back! We have had Harry for a few months and the love he has given us (and reciprocated) is immense. With Harry being nearly 3 years old, we had to learn and discover Harrys habits as much as he did about us, but this has made for a very close bond. The moral to this for us and hopefully those of you who are considering adopting a dog, is keep your mind open, and perhaps look for a pet that is not a pup, the love and bond will be just as strong! Harry has his forever home with us, and I hope you will take what we have as an example of how much love an older dog can give!