Lolly from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

So we adopted little Lolly (or Pops as we more commonly call her) back in April. She came home April 29th and she was such a sad, scared, unsure little love. She had terrible sore feet from stressing herself out in the kennels and was very skinny. She would bark at all other dogs and didn't seem like she was keen on anyone, apart from my 3 young children. I believe children may have been a comfort to her before she lost her way, as she is just amazing with them. She just wanted to be loved by my 12yr old mini jack, Phoebe, and she soon accepted her. In to the house, and her bed! Almost 3 months on and this crazy, confident little dog is just mental. She doesn't stop wagging her tail, rolling over for tummy rubs & snuggling up on whomevers lap she can find. She plays confidently with other dogs and just loves to be surrounded by people. She steals teddies, socks, shoes, etc and hides them in her bed. She's obsessed with my husband and can't get close enough to him, even when she's literally on his chest! 😂 Such a remarkable change in such a short space of time. Rescuing her has been one of the most rewarding things I have done, I look at her and feel sad for her time before us, but then elated that she now has a loving home where she is safe, warm, fed and most of all loved. 'Cause that's all dogs ever want. Food in their belly, a place to feel safe and love. Thank you Dogs Trust for helping us heal, a little more, our broken hearts. Lolly truly has been a silver lining and she makes us all smile a lot more every day. 🐶 ❤️🖤