Meg (formerly Minnie) from Bridgend (Wales)

We made an 8 hour trip from Scotland to Bridgend to meet a beautiful face I had fallen for on Dogs Trust website. Minnie (now Meg) was not what I'd expected, but clearly a fun, gentle and loving dog with huge potential, despite her nervousness. We drove down again the next week and Meg, the (possibly!) Lurcher x Patterdale, joined our 2-spaniel brood. She is enormous fun - so gentle and placid indoors and so fun-loving outside. In just 3 weeks she's had a road trip to Orkney in our van, climbed mountains, explored wild rivers, run in forests, been mountain biking and tiptoed into the sea on wild island beaches. We believe Meg loves every minute of her new life, leaping like a kangaroo now she has more confidence, and we love having her. So do my spaniels - who are now permanently stained green from rolling about madly on the lawn with Meg. Thank you Dogs Trust.