Dogs Trust

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Sierra from Bridgend (Wales)

When i went to dogs trust that super hot sunday, i was never expecting to walk around he corner and see my dream dog in one of the rooms, Si was laying in the bed and the back of the room, she didn't seem interested but i KNEW i had to have this beautiful girl, the second visit came earlier than expected as i just couldn't wait to see her again, the second time she saw us and she was so excited "They're back! the humans came back" when i went to pick her up i was the worst person and i began to cry! Trying so desperately to hide my tears!!1 Sierra has now been living with us for just over a month, and i cannot thank dogs trust enough for allowing us to take this amazing animal home with us, they say you're saving a dog from a rescue, but this dog definitely saved me. And i cannot wait to see what adventures we get up to!! Thank you Dogs Trust <3