Abel from Bridgend (Wales)

After the sad loss of our 14year old Rescue German. Shepherd, Storm, our house and lives were never going to be the same again. We had been in the same position before... The gap Storm left in our lives was not going to be overcome without us exploring if there was another dog we might welcome into our household and family. We needed a dog in our lives and we knew there would be a dog out there who might need us. But we needed a "fit" between family, lifestyle and dog. We had to be careful and considerate, for the dog and towards our family especially considering our affinity with the German Shepherd breed and that we have our beloved grandchildren ranging from 10months to early teens. My husband found Abel on the Dog's Trust Website and sent me a link "Please look!!!" Travel between Bridgend and Manchester was a long journey, for us and for the dog and needed planning and management, but we had brought Storm from Bristol; what was a few more miles... in search of our next forever dog if we could find a dog who might want to be with us? Abel's story was one of rejection, he had been with the trust for several months, having been returned by his adoptive family as being too boisterous and bad mannered. Staff at Bridgend had been amazing with him, providing him with additional training , loving him and generally building up his confidence and manners. It was felt he would be difficult to place as he would need love and a firm commitment to continued training and development. The work put in by staff at Bridgend cannot be understated.... Abel was responsive to us and playful.. It was a start. We visited him several times to develop the relationship before bringing back home up north. Well, it has been two weeks now and Abel has settled beautifully. He loves playing in the garden, walks in the park, playing with his toys and meeting new family members. He has been introduced to our grown up family members and to our grandchildren, neighbours and friends, slowly and one at a time. He has been nothing short of "Brilliant" and so co-operative and obedient. He seems to be happy and settled and he has taken his new experiences very well indeed. We know this is the beginning of our story and there is a way to go, but we feel that Abel and our family are at the start of a wonderful relationship and friendship. We feel so lucky to have found him and could ask for no more. He still has issues to be managed, particularly in his struggle to associate with other dogs, but hopefully with love, care and attention to his needs and training, we have hope for a happy future together. This is a blossoming wonderful friendship and thanks, thanks, thanks to Dogs Trust staff at Bridgend who did so much for Abel in preparing him for re-homing and demonstrating to him love, patience and the need for good manners. We especially thank staff for their honesty, support and for the goodie bag... Abel is happy thanks to you all. We will keep you updated. Bless you all for the work you do.