Bella from Leeds

Bella came to us by sheer fate! We had seen a photo other dog on Leeds Council found dogs website, explaining that this dog has been abandoned. My mum showed me the photo and said, "this is the puppy I'm going to get you for your birthday." At first I couldn't believe it and told her to stop joking me. Then she told me to chase it up and ring at the number on the advert. Mum explained she would call the dog "Bella" if it was female. After many phone calls with no luck we could not find the dog. On the day of my birthday we decided to visit Dogs Trust Leeds. There, behind the glass front, was the dog we had been searching for! She was handed in as "abandoned", but really she had just been given up :( And how is this for a coincidence - her name was Bella!! We just had to take this lovely girl home. She is just bundles of love and energy, and so comedic! The biggest heart for all, including our house rabbit who she loves. Bella wasn't interested in toys at first, but now she would give anything for a game of fetch or tuggy! She is my best friend, my girl, my little Bella.