Flash from Darlington

I wanted to rescue a dog had a look on line and decided to visit Darlington, looked around saw a few dogs I liked but then a dog appeared at the kennel cage and just looked at me. There was no name or info on the dog when I inquired I was told he had only just arrived that day. I was told all about hi and decided he was the dog for me . What a darling when I collected him last Thursday 6th April walked him and my girl around local area before we went in the house and it was like he new he was home. Had a good around no interest in the cats which was my main concern. He loves meeting new dogs and people wonderful with children, loves his walks can run for England great recall , and knows all his commands. He discovered the dog toy basket and can never make up his mind which toy he wants so we have them all out. Absolute little treasure thank you so much for letting me adopted this wonderful boy he is helping fill a huge hole in my heart after I lost my own big boy 7 weeks ago.