George from Evesham (Worcestershire)

When I first saw George on the internet it was instant love. I was lucky enough to be chosen to be his new mum and I was expecting an older, rather plodding terrier who didn't like toys which would suit my toy obsessed Jack Russell down to the ground. However what George is now, after a couple of months, is a sparky, playful, terror who digs huge holes constantly and loves toys, walks and playing. He is a clever thief able to open any drawer or bin after his favourite chews or any food and is constantly on the go. He has the Irish twinkle in his eye and all is forgiven as he is such a lovable rogue. We enjoy long forest walks where he has encountered wild boar and deer which he finds very exciting and when finally tired he collapses in his usual fashion on the bed with paws akimbo. We are still getting to know each other but I would not swap him for the world. He is a naughty teddy bear of a dog and I wouldn't swap him for the whole world