Roo and Ron from Loughborough

We had Roo first. He was a pup when we got him and he stood out from the litter, as being the one to just watch and listen. He was down as a collie-cross, but looks just like a flat-coated retriever. He is absolutely adorable in every way and very intelligent and sensitive. He has changed our world very much for the better and we cannot imagine the world without him in it. Then came Ron a few years after. Again, we had him from a pup and poor Roo didn't know what had arrived :) ... Ron is a Jack Russell Cross and an absolute monkey. He is the boss and Roo doesn't stand a chance when it comes to playing with toys, Ron wins everytime!. As different as they are, we love them both equally and have a great deal to be thankful for. Here is to the dogstrust, a fantastic organisation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts X