Sally from West Calder (Edinburgh)

I used to be Cleo when human mum and dad first got me back in August 2016, but they liked the name Sally and thought that suited me better. Doesn't really matter to me, because I choose not to listen most of the time anyway :) In West Calder I wasn't really interested in anything or anyone, but BOY. Things changed... Now I love long walks and recently they started taking me off the lead. Even more fun. I also love ripping toys apart. They get me new one's all the time, so plenty to do. I also made friends with their cat, although she scares me most of the time. But I guess that's just fair - she was in the house before me. And everybody in their family loves me and thinks I am pretty and so well behaved - so I guess coming from Calder to my new home was like hitting the jackpot. :) Thank you DOGS TRUST!!