MOLLY from Darlington

I found Molly at Dogs Trust Darlington. I had decided after many failed ivf attempts to get a dog to love. She was born originally at dogs trust Darlington rehomed as a puppy and brought back at 14months. She was sat in the corner of the kennel looking at the other 2 dogs there with her, that were barking, she had a look as though she wanted to say " what's all the noise about " I just fell in love there and then. 2 weeks later she was in her forever home and to this day we have both never looked back. She is the sweetest most loving dog. She loves to have cuddles and walks in the Lake District. She has just gone 8 in December 2016, she may have a few grey bits now,but,is still full of life I LOVE HER SHE WILL ALWAYS BE MY BABY GIRL