Eric from Evesham (Worcestershire)

After losing our beautiful dog dougal we felt we couldnt go through the loss of another pet again but after a month of having no pet to take out for a walk we decided to visit the dogs trust at evesham.We walked round a couple of times and it was so hard, so many beautiful dogs wanting a home, we could'nt choose and then from behind a screen in one of the kennels came a little dog, he came to the front and sat down and then offered me a paw through the bars, that was it, he was the one for us. As we had only recently lost our dog it was difficult but 2 years on,we love this beautiful dog as much as we loved dougal.His name was danny when we first saw him but now, he's eric, we love him to bits and would not be without him, we have enjoyed holidays with him, he loves the beach and our next holiday is in march, 2 minutes to the beach from the cottage, thankyou, whoever decided that they no longer wanted him did us a big favour because now he is our much loved pet