Fiore from Ballymena (Northern Ireland)

Fiore initially came from Briarfield Animal Sanctuary in Cork in 2005, but it's through Dogstrust that she came to me. On the 7th September that year, she was a tiny pup dropped in my arms at Weston Super Mare at 7am and it was maybe the best day of my life! She's now going to be 12 years old in June and she's everyday more beautiful and I love her more than my life. She's the most adorable loving intelligent and generous girl. In 12 years she has mothered three dogs we rescued, Jazmin who died at 14 1/2 in 2014 that we adopted in 2007 from a bad neighbor, then Clyde who we adopted from RSPCA in April 2014 and sadly died aged 8 in February 2015 and now her sister Geisha who's a naughty nearly three years old pup. Fiore is always worshipped by her bros and sissies, her wise temper is reassuring. I can't imagine my life without her. Everyday with her is pure magic. Even the worse day with her turns good. Thank you Dogstrust for making our adoption happen xx