Milly from Merseyside (Liverpool)

We rescued Milly from Dogs Trust Liverpool, they were fantastic we brought our other Dog to introduce and went in the play barn and a few days later brought her home, Milly and Rosie got on so fine, Milly had a few accidents in the night when we first brought her home but we realised this was anxiety, she still had the occasional one but when we hear her wimp in the morning we know she wants us so one of us gets up has a play and a cuddle and she goes out in the garden and she is fine now 6am weekends when your off work ha ha but she's worth it, she has a amazing personality full of energy and is so loving always kissing your face to death she loves her running around in the fields and is always hunting for the mice, she adores the beach and chasing balls picking up sticks and plastic bottles, also cuddling up on your knee having a sleep in the evening. could not of wished for a more loving happy joyful playful and beautiful girl we just Love her. Thank you Dogs Trust for letting Milly into our lives