Yeats from Newbury (Berkshire)

We'd sadly had to have our Collie put to sleep in October 2015 at the good old age of 16 years and 3 months. He was a rescue dog.Our irish setter Copper was so sad as he'd grown up with him. We went to Dogs Trust Newbury just for a look round. We spotted Yeats who had just come in but we're told that someone else was coming to look at him . We were gutted. A week later we got a call to say the people hadn't turned up. We were thrilled to bits! So we arranged to take Copper to meet Yeats. It was very nerve racking taking Copper as we didnt know if they would get on. They ran around the field together and got on great. We decided that Yeats was the one to join our family. A few days later we picked Yeats up. He settled in pretty quickly and took residence on one of the sofas like he'd been there before. Him and Copper get on amazingly and are great company for one another. Yeats is so loving and I am so glad he found us. Yeats comes alive every evening and likes to race round . He's still got his racing streak in him as he only retired last September. December last year as a big thank you I collected lots of donations which I took to Dogs Trust Newbury and Hampshire Greyhound Rescue. These are great causes and I will be doing the same again this year. Dogs Trust do fantastic work. Thank you so much Dogs Trust Newbury.