Toby from Canterbury

We got Toby then dandy from Canterbury in April 2012. He was 4 months old, he was with his brothers and sisters .he is a lurcher..we had to get a puppy as we had house bunnies,guinea pigs and a cat! He has been fantastic with them from day one. I have a condition called EDS that means I am in pain all the time but he has been brilliant, he waits until he gets to go out for a walk. We go out every day for walks around the marsh it's his favourite place to go.he has been right next to hares, rabbits and foxes and has never been aggressive,he stands and looks at them in amazement! He has stopped me from getting depressed about my condition so many times as I have to take him out. We have made so many friends and it always cheers me up to see him playing with friends. I can't believe how much he has made mine and my husband's life complete.