Riley (formerly Nicolas) from Glasgow

The moment we met Riley (then known as Nicolas) we knew we had found the fuzzy friend we wanted to take into our home. And, ever since that horrible, rainy December day in Glasgow, Riley has become a huge part of our lives and he now is a happy, contented and delightful boy! He's full of play, mischief and energy but he is at his most happy is when he's cuddled up in blanket between the two of us on the couch! Second favourite is, of course, the squeaky tennis ball! As Riley came in to the Dogs Trust as an unchipped stray, we have no idea of the wee fella's background; where he came from or what he has been through in the past, but we are absolutely delighted that he has decide to settle in with us at home and we look forward to giving him all the love, fun and home comforts that this wee character deserves! Thank you to everyone at Dogs Trust Glasgow for this perfect addition to our home!