Mani (was Gibson) from Manchester

Mani came to us with a few challenges including separation anxiety which had made him unmanageable in his previous home. The centre and particularly the behavioral expert spent a lot of time with us explaining what we were taking on and some ideas on how to address his problems. When we first met him he was like an explosion running and jumping at everyone and could not be left even for a few minutes without serious consequences. With a little bit of persistence some patience and a lot of consistency he is now a different dog and is a fantastic family pet, and what is more remarkable is how quickly he responded to his new environment. He still loves attention but now when he wants it he comes and sits at your feet and waits. He's even happy spending time on his own and will happily sit in his bed and he can now even be left in the house alone with no barking or destruction. He particularly enjoys country walks in the Shropshire hills. In the photos he's burning off a bit of youthful energy running up Clee Hill which is the highest point in the county.