Skye was known as peace from Darlington

I first spotted Skye behind the counter at dogs trust Darlington.and I knew she was coming home with me. She was very shy and nervous.I have now owned her for 7year and she is a utter joy I love to wake up and see he gorgeous face. Her coat is soooo soft. Skye keeps me going as I am in a wheelchair and suffer from depression. but that doesn't stop Skye and me going to hamsterly forest for walks and around our area every day I have to use my power wheelchair. When we are out and skye walks beside my wheelchair and has never pulled or been a problem it's as if she knows, I can take her anywhere when off lead she will check to make sure I'm ok by looking back then she will run back to me. Skye is so much loved and I thank dogs trust for letting me be her mum.