Rosie from Basildon (Essex)

We decided to get a dog as i needed a reason to get out of bed in the mornings after having a major breakdown. We decided to try dogs trust after viewing a few dogs none were suitable as we have cats and live in a flat THEN the lady mentioned rosie as she hadn't been cat tested but was willing to try her so we had a little walk with her and she was a bit unsure to begin with but liked the walk. We arranged the homecheck & cat test for the next day which she passed with flying colours 2 days later we brought her home that was back in june ! since bringing her home we found marks on her she didnt know how to play or even what a treat was ! but 6 months later we have a pooch who instagates play loves the park and the most loving loyal dog you could wish for and in return she has helped me meet friends and get out of bed each morning making the day easier by making us laugh and smile along with her !