Chestnut (Chesney) from Newbury (Berkshire)

My daughter and I were searching for a puppy to join our 8 year old springer spaniel Jimmy. We decided on a pup as we have many other animals and knew this would be the best fit for us and them. We found Chesnut now Chesney in Newbury and arranged to for Jimmy and us to be introduced. Jimmy liked Chesney and the feelings were mutual. Chesney came to join our family a week a later. Jimmy is kept on his toes as Chesney is always up for a game or seeking a little reasurance. Chesney loves the beach, lots cuddels, he is not keen on getting wet and not sure about nightimes walks. So far he can sit and stay and is looking forward to starting puppie school in the next week or so. Chesney has settled so well and become a huge part of our family, so much so I can't remember life without him.