Roxy from Manchester

It was love at first sight when we met Roxy - both of us were worried she would be too big for our house (Dogue de Bordeaux/Rottweiler cross makes for a BIG dog!) but thankfully she wasn't as big as we thought and we could bring her home. Roxy is a very clever girl - has learnt to open doors and kissing gates so there is no stopping her! Unfortunately!! She loves walking in the woods near our house and chasing squirrels up trees and going on adventures following wonderful smells. She has recently taken up football and is often seen running round the garden with the ball in her mouth Roxy's best pal (other than us!) is Jones (my brothers dog) and despite the size difference they have great fun chasing each other round and tiring each other out Roxy is such an affectionate dog and loves nothing more than having her belly scratched or her ears played with - do that and she is yours forever!