Max from Leeds

We took Max (also known as Cooper) on in February 2015 from Dogs Trust Leeds. He was a very challenging dog, having been rehomed a couple of times before. He was extremely nervous and it was discovered in his second home that he was fear aggressive; after being returned to the dog's trust, nobody had much interest in him until we came along. We spent two months getting to know him before finally bringing him home. The first few months were tough- having been in kennels for 12 months before, everything in the house made him jumpy and he was frequently aggressive towards my partner Chris. We did also experience some unfortunate incidents in the early days where he was aggressive towards other people, both friends and strangers whilst out in walks. Fortunately most people were very understanding. With consistency, patience and a lot of love from us, Max has grown into a happy and confident dog. We have taken him on multiple holidays and he is also loved by our relatives. He loves nothing more than a run around in the park with his doggy friends (though he has a dislike of dogs who are big and hairy!). He still has his nervous moments and to be on the safe side he wears an advisory harness which states not to pet him. This enables us to walk him with confidence, and it tends to inspire conversations from interested members of the public who want to know his story. He is something of a ladies' man these days and loves nothing more than cuddles with girls! It takes him longer to warm to men, but his aggression has largely disappeared and he is won over easily with sausages. The love that we have earned from Max is so rewarding and we couldn't imagine life without him now. It wasn't easy at first, but we have ended up with a very different dog to the one we took home almost two years ago. Thank you to the Dogs Trust Leeds for helping us to find our special someone.