Shadow from Manchester

I first saw Shadow on the Dogs Trust website and immediately he stood out from any other I'd seen, I was intrigued as to why he was so shy and timid also as it said in his description.Two days later we went to see him hoping nobody else had spotted him out and took the chance while they had it.He was so shy at first, he would come over to you, lick and then walk away ! he always had to be brought out through the back as he didn't like the doors haha. Fast forward to taking him home and the timidness was present, he was very wary of everything and treats had to be put in each room so he would walk in. He's only had around 10 accidents in 14 months and I'd like a completely different dog! Always excited to see people, he'll happily jump all over someone and lick them to death and snuggle up to you in the night. He has one of the best temperaments and it's always good when you can get him to bark considering he barely ever does! He's the most loving dog and I'm so glad we'be been able to give him a great home .