Dolly (was Holly) from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

We met Holly (now Dolly) at Kenilworth and had a few play dates with our own lurcher, Reg. We adopted Dolly just over a week ago now, and in that short time Dolly has settled exceptionally well. The two dogs adore each other, and love their walks in the fields (although it will be a long time and lots of recall training before Dolly can join Reg off the lead) Dolly was very nervous around people, but within a few days she was sitting for treats (copying Reg) and will even sit down and have her lead put on, without the nervous shying away we first saw. Both dogs are spoilt! Each have their own armchair, lots of treats, walks and fun in the garden. Dolly has enriched our lives, and Reg loves his new playmate. We cannot believe how relaxed Dolly has become. We could barely get close to her at first, but now she will ask to be petted, and enjoys a good ear scratch. Dolly has certainly found her forever home!