Smudge from Harefield (West London)

Smudge is our first dog. When we first met him, he was excitable and had medical needs. This didn't put us off though as we could see what a sweetheart he was. We've had him nearly a year and couldn't ask for a more loving, funny and good natured dog. His medical needs are barely noticeable and we're still not convinced he's really 12 years- he can out walk any of us! He loves the car (and always has to ride upfront to see where he's going) so we have been on numerous country trips, trains and to dog friendly hotels in the country. Despite some initial problems with being antisocial with other dogs, he's improving every day and now has doggy friends. We wouldn't be without him now and our message would be not to overlook the older dogs as they are often already house trained (as Smudge is), need little training and are fine with being left alone for a while. We absolutely love him to bits and can't wait for more adventures!