Jack from Merseyside (Liverpool)

we saw jack on the website and thought he looked adorable, we went to see him the next day and just fell in love with him , we had a 2 week trial and within the 1st day we knew we had to keep him, he settled in with us as if we'd had him for years! so after a week of having him im going on monday to get him signed over to me. hes so funny and cheeky, as you can see he had been in my money tub and turned round with a £20 note in his mouth ! he clearly knows what he wants ! he loves going for a walk and hes a bit of a chubby fellow so were looking forward to getting him into shape. He just wants someone to love him he loves being cuddled and stroked and just wants someone who will look after him which we will do for the rest of his life now. Thank you Dogs Trust for trusting us to look after Jack and thank you for all of your support also. joanne, ste , liam , and Jack