Bugsy from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

After losing our precious Duncan, the Connolly family weren't ready for a new dog for many many months. Finally, it was time to open up our hearts again..... We were about to leave (as none of the dogs were quite right for our home situation) when the lovely lady suggested "Bugsy, he's just arrived but he seems sweet." Well, how right she was! He has well and truly captured our hearts, playing with my fiance, protecting my mum and I and joining Dad for 5am walks. While lead training has taken a little while to grasp, Bugsy can now perform a range of cute tricks and basic obedience and he regularly snuggles up with us of an evening. A true family dog. I never thought we'd be lucky enough to love a dog again (as Duncan was my first dog and it broke my heart when we lost him to cancer) but Bugsy is the most amazing, troublesome, mischievous and adorable dog ever. Thank you!