Twiz (was George!) from Darlington

Twiz (was George) was a stray and was found in a churchyard in Ireland, he spent 6 weeks in a pound before he came to Darlington with his passport. He was just gorgeous from the moment I took him for a walk. He's now got two black and white spaniel sisters and has put weight on and glossed his coat up - we've calmed him down (a little, he's a spaniel) and I've got him trained to do all sorts including rest treats on paws and head and leave - or kiss Barry (a Barry Manilow cd - special trick for a friend). We all love him and are so grateful for Dogs Trust for setting us up on our blind date (is it D-inder? (Tinder but for dogs?) Even when he catches crows, gets stuck in rivers or pretends to be deaf when he goes to fetch bunnies for us - he's just (very nearly) perfect!