Jack from Shrewsbury (Shropshire)

We weren't really looking for a dog and when to dogs trust with a friend a couple of times, but as soon as I spotted jack in the exercise barn I knew I just had to have him. Jack met my mom, dad, sister, nan and grandad who all fell in love with him just like me. He was lively and full of love. We t ook jack home expecting to have him weeping everywhere and jumping on furniture because he was coming to a new place but we had none of that. From the start jack would stand by the door to tell you he needs the toilet, he loves to be fussed by everyone and makes our house a home. He loves my little cousins and is very patient with them when they want to play fetch with him. Jack really enjoys playing fetch and having long walks, he loves a good fuss and can't get enough of it, he likes to be rewarded for good behaviour and he enjoys lying in his bed with copious amounts of teddies that weren't meant for him haha. We thank everyone from dogs trust for letting us home jack and for all the work they do with the rest of the dogs there. Dogs trust Shrewsburyshow real care and love for these dogs and without an organisation like this jack and lots of other dogs wouldn't find the loving homes they deserve.