Socks from Basildon (Essex)

When I first met socks, he was very sad and nervous, he was under weight and didn't like to be around many people. He never played with toys or showed Interest in them. But he was so handsome and had the cutest little face I had to take him home and make him happy! After going through the paper work I was able to walk socks in the centres gardens, on the first walk and meet with him, socks was very withdrawn and sad. I left him and told him I will be back every day after work to see him until it was time to take him home, which I did! Each time I returned he got happier and happier to see me! I was so happy when the lovely team at dogs trust said it was too me to take socks home! I rushed to the shops and got bed, blankets, toys, treats and everything else I found on the way! I picked socks up and off we went home! I had quite recently lost 2 dogs which I grew up with for 18 years. So I was so happy to finally have a dog back in my life. When we got home socks took a while to get use to his surroundings. He wasn't too keen on being left alone and he didn't want to go upstairs. We let him settle in and take his time. Nearly a year on and socks is the life and soul of the house! He is super lively and loves a fuss made of him! He loves playing with toys and loves a game of catch! (Also loves shoes that are left on the floor- whoops!) he constantly tries to sneak up to my room to sleep in the bed and succeeds very often! He loves nothing better than a good long walk and then a nice long nap! I can't tell anyone enough how much it is worth rescuing a dog, they will change your life for the better and you will also change theirs! Socks is a credit to have and he is the friendliest dog in the world, everyone loves him and he gives lots of love in return!