Willow from Salisbury (Wiltshire)

To all my lovely friends at The Dogs Trust, It’s been a while now since you helped me to find a new home and I thought I would write to you and let you know how it was going. I have a very loving set of parents who spoil me rotten. I share their love with 10 chickens, 2 rabbits and a tortoise; however I know I am clearly their favourite. Today we went for a lovely long walk in the Savernake forest followed by a visit to Cafe Nero in Marlborough as that is one of the few shops I’m allowed in, they even have a bowl of dog treats. Please take a look at the photos from today’s little adventure. You will find lots of close up photos of me looking all beautiful. Then there are two of me and my fight with the infamous rope swing of doom, I won! There are photos of me with my Mummy and Daddy and one of me posing in the autumn leaves. I stopped to have a drink and Daddy snapped a photo of me this was a bit off putting; so I got him back by resting my head on his foot while he was trying to have a drink himself. My parents love me so much and are so grateful for the work that all you lovely people did for me that they decided to sponsor a sister for me called Zola but she sadly went to puppy heaven. They now sponsor Bertie … I know he lives in Salisbury with you and I hope you can say hello to him from me. Lots of love, Willow