Jess (previously Agnes!) from Basildon (Essex)

Jess (who was named Agnes at the time) is a 1 1/2 year old Border Collie x Lurcher. She was a very timid submissive dog when we visited her at the Dogs Trust Basildon. She needed the confidence of our Welsh Border Collie Meg to bring her out of her shell when meeting us humans for the first time! Jess didn't know how to interact with humans but immediately bonded with Meg, learning to play and respect other dogs very quickly. Gradually she has learnt to trust us and has started playing with us as well as Meg. We are keen flyballers and took Jess as soon as she was old enough, and very quickly she took to flyball life. Once she had got over her submissive stage with the other team dogs and earned her spot in the hierachy she soon became the perfect flyball dog! She is now a member of the team and has already competed in BFA competitions! Jess has been one of the best decisions we made, becoming a lifelong friend for Meg and part of our family for life.