Ben & Carly (formerly Charlie) from Merseyside (Liverpool)

About 5 1/2 years ago, I wanted a pet dog for our family and found these two who needs to be homed together. It was love at first sight. Ben had a medical condition so Dog's Trust part foster him. Having theses dogs in our home has had a great, positive impact on our family. They have passports and travel abroad with us on holidays to France. They greet us daily with wagging tails and they have lovely playful natures. They love going for walks and Ben loves swimming in the sea, although Carly is not a fan. They have funny, quirky personalities and make us laugh all the time. Best decision ever rehoming these dogs and I plan to rehome again in the future. The Merseyside team were really great and the rehoming process was plain sailing. Thankyou Dog's Trust.