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Paddy (was Champ) from Basildon (Essex)

Paddy looked so sad when we first saw him and his enclosure said that visitors should be aware of him being nervous and not to loiter. He had been at the Dogs' Trust Basildon for 11 months and we wanted to give the little lad a chance in spite of the cautionary advice from the centre staff.. As soon as we took Paddy out for our first walk we were so pleasantly surprised at what a joy he was, Could this really be the same dog that had been described to us? Anyway, we took the plunge and paid 3 more visits in that week. It was a pleasure making the journey to see Paddy each time and it was a big deal when he left the centre just over 5 weeks ago as he was their longest resident. Paddy has settled so well into our home and lives, going pretty much everywhere with us, and it's like we've always had him; we can't imagine life without him. Paddy is fun and so clever and it's wonderful saying to people how friendly he is, with people and all other dogs. We actually call him the dog whisperer! Many thanks to the Dogs' Trust for the work they have put into making Paddy the truly amazing little dog he is now. We love him to bits X