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Poppy (was Fifi) from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

We rehomed Poppy (Fifi) from Kenilworth last September. She settled in well and she is such a character, however we have 2 house rabbits that she's got her eyes on. With a little perseverance and some advice from the training team at Dogs Trust she has come a very long way! Before she would pull on her lead when the rabbits were out in the garden and shake and go crazy, now she sits calmly only watching them. We still have a little way to go and can't trust her off her lead with the rabbits but nothing a bit of squeezy cheese won't help with! When rehoming a dog people need to bare in mind it takes time for the dogs to adjust and it definitely pays off in the end when you have a bit of patience with them. We are happy we kept going with Poppy and we are glad she has settled in a happy home