Alfie (formerley Maxi) from Shrewsbury (Shropshire)

I had just come out of hospital when my brother suggested we go to shrewsbury to look for a dog to rehome,i had lost my little girl Mollie a few months previously and missed her so much,when we got there,although there were planty of loving dogs I did not connect with one. The manager,after telling me 4 I chose had reservations in front of me asked a member of staff,Elaine I think to go and get Maxi and Monkey to show me....the moment I saw Alfie, I knew he was the dog for me...I think it was his big brown eyebrows!! and he took to me also,lying on his back for a tummy tickle..after 3 visits and meeting my brothers dog Jess Alfie was bought to his new forever home where he has become a loving part of my family...I still miss Mollie but Alfie helped me through so many dark days and now I remember her with happiness not sadness. Alfie still likes to bark at the buses and motorbikes and he does love his long walks and his trips to the seaside. He is now helping another dog settle in as Alf and myself have given a home to Angus from the same centre an old man of 15 who is deaf and partially sighted..Alf has even given up his bed for Angus although can still be a bit bossy at times.